What makes us different?

Full service, turnkey approach.  We offer a full start to finish service, from concept to completion.  We own every aspect of the project, including the application and permitting with the City, including representing you at the Committee of Adjustment if necessary.

Design.  A great finished product starts with great design.  We start with your ideas, samples, pictures, etc. and we can expand on it and provide a variety of options to enhance and maximize the functionality and beauty of your space.  Together we will assess your space, style and budget, and provide recommendations on design, overall programming (room layout), materials, fixtures, colour schemes and finishings.

Our professional designers will work with you to choose the best layout, materials and colour palettes that will work well together - from trendy to classic, to ultra modern or simple & sophisticated.  Our designers will work with you to make your space look inviting, functional, attractive and practical.  Our design package includes 3-D renderings and material samples to help visualize what your space will become.

Real time design changes.  We cut time in the design process by using online software that allows you to see changes to the design in real time.  The project will go through several iterations before we nail it down.  And there’s no need for a dozen face to face design meetings to review each one.  We send you a link to our online software and we make changes together in real time so that you can see the impact of any changes right away.  This approach saves time and it streamlines the process which allows us to finalize the design quickly.

Experienced, knowledgable, reliable trades team.  Its one thing to have a great design, but it needs to be executed correctly and timely by professional tradespeople.  The people whose hands are actually creating your space are at the top of their respective trades.  Our projects are managed and executed by a team of experienced professionals who are known for their knowledge, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence. 

Onsite management.  Construction is detailed work that requires daily site supervision.  Trades are managed by an onsite project manager who will oversee the entire process.  In addition to ensuring that the project is executed properly and in line with the design, an experienced construction manager will be able to watch out for issues that will have an impact later stages.  Each stage has an impact on the next one - and an experienced professional will be able to plan each phase and manage the process and tradespeople accordingly.  

As contractors we know that a great final product is based on a solid design. Having experience in architect-driven projects, we have an excellent understanding of how to bring the design details to life. Because even the best architectural drawings cannot guarantee good construction, choosing an experienced, highly-skilled general contractor is critical to ensuring that a design is well-built.

Its not just what we do, its how we do it.  There are hundreds of small details that add up to a lot in the end.  We understand the importance of each stage and how each stage impacts  following stages and the final product.  Its important to get each stage right, and to never look back.  That means using the high quality materials and processes so that the finished product will match the design and will last the test of time.  Things like waterproof shower membranes, premium tile mortar, and top of the line door rails come at a higher cost than conventional materials.  But we only get one chance to get it right and we take it seriously.  We do it once and get it right. 

Planning.  Planning ahead is crucial in our business.  We plan every stage of the project in great detail - before we start.  Doing so helps better understand and manage the costs better, execute the details better, and move the project forward with better consistently, more quickly, and tied to a specific budget.  The more organized and better informed we are at the beginning results in a more enjoyable project execution, and allows us to better manage timelines and costs.  

Clean.  A clean site is safe, organized, professional and an enjoyable space to work.  You won’t see any of our sites unorganized.  If you visit any of our worksites, you'll see a clean, organized professional workspace.  

Flexible.  While we try to avoid changes after we start, we have been doing this long enough to know that clients will change their minds about something along the way.  And there are always unplanned bumps in the road.  Small or large, we work together to try and minimize the cost and impact of changes after we start.

Communication.  Its simple - clients that are kept up and informed are happier, more comfortable,  and feel better about the project.  We keep you up to date on everything related to the project - budget, materials, process, timelines so that you're aware of whats happening at any given time.

Custom kitchens.  Our roots started in kitchens.  And we still specialize in designing and producing exceptional high quality cabinetry built right here in Toronto.  

Licensed and insured.  We are licenced by the City of Toronto and fully insured for your protection.  

Passionate.  We’re lucky to love what we do.  Designing and renovating homes is more than just work for us.  

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