Project:  Demolish entire condo unit.  Complete redesign.  Build all new interior.

This condo was completely reimagined and redesigned and the result is incredible.  Every area in the unit gained space and practicality.  The client wanted a loft like, Florida feel.  We gave them that - and then some.

In the kitchen, two walls were removed at the front to increase the space and light entering the area.  The drastic redesign involved removing the two additional walls at the end of the kitchen where the stacked washer and dryer were located.  In the redesign, the washer and dryer were installed in the base cabinets just left of the sink.  As a result of removing the tiny closed off laundry room, the kitchen was able to grow 3’ on each side.  By removing the walls and installing the washer dryer as part of the kitchen area, the entire space is a beautiful bright white practical and inviting space.  The difference from the old design is remarkable.  

Another significant redesign occurred in the main room and bedroom area.  The wall separating the bedroom and tv room turned a dark 1 bedroom condo into a bright loft space.  Doing so created enough space in the bedroom to add a 4.5’ desk.

Not done with drastic changes, the tub at the end of the bathroom was removed and a new 3’ x 5.5’ shower went in its place, complete with a beautiful linear drain.  The existing shower, which was consuming 5’ of space in the bedroom, was removed, as was the tiny walk in closet.  In its place we installed 9’ of custom closet space in the bedroom.  The custom closets took up just greater than 2’ while the old bathroom / walk in closet took up over 5’ in the bedroom.  The redesign grew the bedroom by 3’.

In the end, the impact is absolutely remarkable.  The kitchen got much bigger, brighter and more inviting.  The bedroom gained space, it receives much more natural light and now feels like a bright, beautiful cool loft.  The storage available in the unit grew substantially.  The tv viewing area now feels bright and airy.  And the bathroom now has one big shower instead of an unused tub and smaller, separate shower.  The entire unit is night and day different than it was prior to the renovation.    

The entire space was designed to give a clean, modern white-on-white south Florida feel.  The material selection was simple: high gloss white cabinets throughout (imported from Canada!), 32” x 32” high gloss white glass floor tiles, white leather furnishings and Pure White Caesarstone coloured counters.  Like most projects, the images don't do the final product justice - you really have to stand in it to the feel how beautiful, cool, calm, useful and practical the space is.   

Cool fact:  While buying supplies at the local home improvement stores, we found that virtually all the raw materials that were available in Toronto were also available in Florida - with one exception: Robertson screws.  Robertson screws are a Canadian thing - and they’re excellent. With all the love to our American friends, the US designed Philips screw head is, well, far inferior.  We travelled everywhere looking for Robertson screws, including specialty fastening stores, but had no luck.  Faced with the prospect of using Philips screws to hang heavy items like cabinetry, we opted to ship proper Robertson screws from Toronto.  They are simply a much better fastener, especially for fastening heavy things or for going through dense materials.

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