Project:  Bathroom renovation

We did a few things with this bathroom to help maximize the space without changing the footprint.  The bulky radiator under the window was replaced with a heated floor, which made a big difference in the visual and physical bulk of the space.  To reduce the impact of the deep medicine cabinet, we designed it to fit inside the studded wall.  We framed the inside of the wall to accommodate the size of the medicine cabinet, and saved 4 valuable inches of depth.  The cabinet is recessed in the wall, and you’d never know by looking at it.  It simply looks like a mirror on the wall.  And the use of white marble tile gives the small bathroom a bright, timeless feel.

Cool fact:  In many old homes, we find lots of strange things - faulty wiring, rotted floors, questionable plumbing.  In this bathroom, we found everything, including negative sloping drains for the sink and the tub, which means the drain was sloping the wrong way!